The Tulpbook

Special book of great historical value

Customer: Uitgeverij (Publisher) Poldervondsten / Collectie Six

Dienst: Print

We are proud that we were able to produce the very unique “Tulpbook”, with 104 pages of hand-painted Tulips, for Jonkheer Jan Six van Hillegom, known from the Collection Six.

In the 17th century there was a real Tulip mania during which the highest amount of 6,000 guilders was paid for the most famous Tulip “Semper Augustus” . (A converted current value of 1.4 million euros!). The Tulpbook also shows prices ranging from 50 to 3,000 guilders. After this peak on 5 February 1637, the price plummeted to virtually no value for a tulip bulb, as is the case today. The plunging of the Bitcoin is therefore nothing compared to that, as described, among other things,  in this article by ABN Financial Focus (in Dutch).

“The Six family does everything to preserve the original book for the cultural heritage of the Netherlands.” “This book belongs in the Netherlands, it is part of our culture,” said Jonkheer Six.

Special paper was used for this production and the images were lithographically adapted to show the drawings on the reverse as they appear in the original Tulpbook.

Read the exclusive story of the Telegraaf about the Tulpbook. (In Dutch)

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