Permanent display with LCD video screen

Powder coated showroom display with lightbox and LCD video screen

Customer: Skinrock Benelux
Service: POS Narrowcasting

For Skinrock Benelux we had the opportunity to design and produce this durable, permanent showroom display. The typical Skinrock product characteristics of these very thinly filleted stone types can be admired in the A4 samples, which can easily be removed from the display. On the interactive video screen, the customer sees the applications and quality of the product. This message can be easily controlled centrally and in real time at any time. The display also contains a lightbox which allows the light to shine through the wafer-thin natural stone. The back wall, with the largest size of natural stone of 60 x 120 cm, can easily be replaced from the back, just like the separate campaign visuals. The display is executed in a matte black (powder coated) steel frame with wheels and has a very high quality finish.

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