Floor display with Android touchscreen

This screen with LED backlight consumes 30% less power

Customer: Skinrock Benelux
Service: POS Narrowcasting

For Skinrock Benelux we developed this floor display with Android touchscreen. This display presents the product characteristics in a professional way. Furthermore, the display is ideal for use in retail (showroom), but also at events. It has functionalities such as a life-size tablet/touchscreen and is easy to control remotely.

The promotional video of the typical Skinrock properties of very thinly filleted stone runs automatically in a video loop. A simple touch on the touch screen takes you directly to the website to discover all further product properties and application possibilities. The customer can also fill in the contact form, can view the Skinrock product samples or can take away the product brochure which is clearly presented in the display.

Our displays have a wide range of screen sizes from 22″ to 75″ and are eco-friendly commercial displays, with LED backlighting. They consume 30% less power than models with CCFL backlighting. This extends the life of the LCD screen.

We provide this display with Android touchscreen at a very competitive price, both buy and rent. Feel free to ask for a quotation.

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