Fever scanner / face recognition body temperature detector on floor stand

Create a safe feeling for your customers and employees with this face recognition body temperature detector

Customer: Martijn de Wit Vloeren

Service: LCD display

Non-contact automatic body temperature detection of your customer or employee within 3 seconds at the entrance.

More than 80 percent of the tested corona patients have fever symptoms. This fever scanner displays the temperature on the screen after measurement, in combination with a voice message and LED signaling (green or red). An indication of the correct body temperature at the entrance creates a safe feeling for both customers and employees. Easy to integrate with entrance gates and turnstiles. Suitable for office buildings, hotels, gates, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, stores, churches and other public buildings. This system works in accordance with the regulations of the Dutch AVG and the European GDPR.

We can deliver this fever scanner for a very competitive price (to purchase or to rent). Feel free to ask for a quote. Available with wall mount, as counter stand or floor stand.

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