Luxury beer packaging

Best of both worlds

Customer: Brewery De Goede & De Stoute

Service: Packaging

“Vuurzee” is the first beer brewed bij Dutch brewery De Goede & De Stoute. This very elegant blond beer is made with champagne yeast and Pinot-Noir grapes and has been specially developed for the connoisseur. Vuurzee is a true gastronomic experience and is now being served in star restaurants. The beer immediately won prizes: at the “World Beer Awards” for taste and at the “International Beer Challenge” for design & packaging. Both beer competitions are among the largest professional beer competitions in the world.

During product branding, Mazeline gave advice on the choice of materials. The luxury beer packaging, with the extra high embossed gold foil logo on the top, is the result. This packaging  was produced in China under the supervision of Mazeline.

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